Friday, June 25, 2004

Where's The Love?

There used to be a time when loyalty meant something. People would work for certain companies for decades. Companies also valued the contributions of their employees. You don't hear about that happening so much any more.

Example: the Almighty Employer. My co-worker, Mackenzie, pretty much inherited the motherlode of management responsibilities after her manager parted the company on not-so-good terms. How did the Almighty compensate for the increased responsibility? They denied her the raise that she was due for anyway. Guess what? Mackenzie's looking for a way out of there.

Of course, this is a nasty habit that the Almighty Employer doesn't seem terribly interested in breaking. My other co-worker, Gabriella, was in the same situation late last year. Gabriella even went as far as taking up her concerns with one of the Almighty's Tribal Council Members. Council Member's response? Turn around. Walk away. Gabriella never saw a raise and ended up leaving the company shortly therafter.

All the while, the Almighty Employer still wonders why it sees the turnover that it does.


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